Deep Pore Cleansing
 Suitable for all skin types
 This treatment includes  exfoliation, steam, extractions  as well as specialized mask for toning and rejuvenation. The facial concludes with a veil of moisturizer and/or sunscreen to seal in the benefits and display a vibrant, healthy glow.
Price: $85 / $95
Deluxe Facial
New and rejuvenating facial treatment, which bases its quick and extraordinary results in the combination of three anti-aging techniques.
Price: $160

My Vitamin C
Suitable for all skin types


 This facial delivers pure Vitamin C directly to the skin to lighten skin discoloration while maximizing wrinkle fighting, collagen production and free radical protection. Pigmentation will fade, fine lines and wrinkles will be smooth and you will enjoy your radiant skin.

Price: $95
Package of 6: $450

A Touch of Oxygen

Suitable for all skin types

Refreshing mists of pure oxygen are combined with potent vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to strengthen elastin and collagen in the skin. This increases the skin's elasticity and suppleness as it cleanses, revitalizes and hydrates even the most attention-starved skin.

Price: $90
Package of 6: $450

Collagen Renewal

Suitable for all skin types


A collagen facial is a beauty care treatment that uses collagen protein to revitalize the skin, refines fine lines and forms a superior protective film to soothe and hydrate skin. This treatment helps to purify skin.

 Price: $95

Package of 6: $450

Acne Control

Acne and problem skin


A potent blend of salicylic acid, oxygen and calming mask that effectively cleanse blemished skin and remove the micro-comedones . This special combination inhibits skin hormones that cause clogged pores.

Price: $100

Package of 4: $360

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